How Low Brow can you go?

If you have or create Low Brow art Pin Stripe or generally create the bizzare

Show us at the AutumnFest Low Brow Art Show Saturday & Sunday

There are some great prizes, and good times to be had!

The winner will be by votes of the general public…..

Oh and we will have a special guest pick out some as well

Submit your interest via

5 pieces per artist maximum…..

David Lozeau at AutumnFest Muertos Down under Tour 2016


It’s been four years since Chop Top Promotions introduced me to Australia and I’m thrilled they’re bringing me back in 2016. Last time around, I met rockers, pinups, and gearheads from Melbourne to Newcastle, and I can’t wait to see my old friends, explore different cities, and just be a part of this amazing Kustom Kulture scene once again. I have a ton of new art to share and am even painting a few special pieces that are inspired by the land down under.


Hot Rod Walt at AutumnFest

Meet Walt and get your favourite piece Pinstriped

Walt has been Gretsch Guitar approved and will available to create something special for you!

Don’t miss out get in early!!

Gav Black – A Brief History


Mad about drawing from an early age, Gav Black was raised in Newcastle , Australia on a diet of Revell model kits and ‘Scanlens’ Ratfink bubble gum cards. From the age of ten he and his step dad would go to hotrod shows fuelling his thirst for custom cars, hotrods and chrome.

When Gav left high school he began working at a automotive kustom shop where he would marvel at the local airbrush guru Gary Pocket lay down his craft on a daily basis on panel vans of the time.

This is when Gav Black was exposed to “Ed Roth’ and his Ratfink characters and started collecting the T-shirts and bubblegum cards. For many years doing the usual labouring jobs, all the while he was drawing and painting on friends motorcycles , cars and surfboards. After a short while his talent was recognized and he was soon invited to take up a position in a tattoo studio after a friend took some of his art to show his tattooist friend .

Moving around from shop to shop in Australia for many years and later moving to the UK in 96 to live and tattoo for a year. He remained a tattoo artist for 20 odd years but always wanted the freedom to paint and draw monsters and hotrods at his own leisure.

Back in Australia he was trying new mediums and he was starting to paint on canvas with paint pens and also surfboards in his favoured ‘lowbrow’ style., People started to notice and soon he was selling his pieces . He lists his influences as Ed ‘Newt’ Newton , Robert Williams , Ed Roth , Boo, Von Franco and Dirty Donny to name a few.

While playing around with his lowbrow art he always wanted to learn the art of pinstriping. He was always heavily involved the car scene, owning many custom rides over the years. So to pinstripe was a natural progression.

Pinstriping now for around 6 years he is still learning and considers himself a novice of the art. Gav Black likes big colourful pieces but will paint, draw or stripe pretty much anything that will stay still long enough.
Contact Gav at GEARDADDY.COM.AU or Gav Black on face book.

Rob Coxon

Rob Coxon is a musician, artist and teacher.

He has played rock, jazz, country, blues and theatrical shows in a variety of venues such as cruise ships, nightclubs, pubs, festivals, concert halls, back yards, television and recording studios. He has backed a wide variety of national and international acts, including Tommy Tycho, Tony Barber, Daryl Sommers, Vanetta Fields, Dick Emery, James Morrison, Barry Crocker, Brian Cadd, John English, Colleen Hewitt, Normie Rowe, Simon Gallaher, Lucky Starr, The Platters, The Drifters, Johnny Young and the Young Talent Team, Chad Morgan, Smokey Dawson, Johnny Nicol, Gregg Arthur, 4 Trax (later to become Human Nature), and Ian Turpie.

As a member of various blues, rock and jazz bands, he has supported Albert King, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Canned Heat, Little Charlie and the Night Cats, Lonnie Mack, Mick Taylor (ex Rolling Stones), InXs, Mondo Rock, Midnight Oil, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Mental as Anything, Swanee, Misex, The Swingers, John Paul Young, Russell Morris and Rita Coolidge.

He has played at many festivals including Jazz in the Vines, Jazz in the Pines/Norfolk Island, Pinetrees/Lord Howe Island, Newcastle, Hamilton, Dubbo, Morpeth, Moonan Flat, Central Coast and Wollongong Jazz Festivals, Goulburn, Bimbadgen, Thredbo and the East Coast Blues festivals.

As a visual artist, Rob has had several exhibitions of his low brow paintings, and has published an ebook of his art titled ROB COXON, ART FROM URANUS – Fine art dumbed down for the general population. It is available through Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader Store, Copia, iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Baker & Taylor Ebooks, Gardners, Scribd and eBookpie. Below is a promo blurb for the book –

Explore the wonderful lowbrow, pop surrealist world of Rob Coxon in ART FROM URANUS. Bizarre, colourful paintings that explore such contemporary artistic themes as aliens,cryptozoological creatures,dinosaurs, country and western music, and much more! No tasteful nudes or sleepy landscapes here.

Mr Coxon is inspired by B (and frequently C to Z) science fiction movies such as “Attack of the Eye Creatures”, “Monster Robot” and “Plan 9 from Outer Space”. See alien vampires! See alien dinosaurs! See alien bikini babes! See (but thankfully not hear) alien country and western singers! And find out what really happened to Elvis after he left this planet!

Could this be the modern art of the future, the standard against which all future art will be measured? Only time will tell. But there can be no denying the fact that Mr Coxon’s kitschy, cartoon inspired art is hitting it’s mark and appealing to the attention deficit disorder generation!





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